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How To Choose A Yoga Blanket


How To Choose The Correct Yoga Blanket
Yoga Blankets form Mexico, China or even where yoga started (India), these props come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are one of the most useful tools at a yogi's disposal. Roll it up into a bolster or feel the warmth during savasana. Use it as a pillow in meditation, or even use it as a blanket.
The versatility is endless. We will go over a few key features and things to think about when purchasing a yoga blanket, from material, style, length and care

There are several different types of material a yoga blanket are available in. We'll discuss some of the most popular and the best practices for getting the most out of your yoga blanket.

Cotton Blankets - Everyone is familiar with cotton. The soft material comes in a variety of different weights. sizes and a ?range of different weave.

Cotton Care: Always machine wash using cold water. Cotton shrinks, so please hang dry or if not possible, tumble dry with no heat (Air Only).

Wool Blankets ? Today?s wool in not scratchy. Recycled wool not only helps the environment, but is also extremely soft and durable. Wool yoga blankets are available in 50% to 80% cotton bland.

Wool Care: Machine wash using cold water, Woolite detergent works the best. Do not tumble dry as it may cause piling over time. Always hang dry.

Blended Blankets - Blends are the most common materials used to produce yoga Blankets. Blends are generally a mix of acrylic, polyester and cotton. This greatly reduces the prices. Depending on the country of production most of the material used in blended blankets are recycled from area textile manufacturers, or regenerated clothing. All blankets, know matter the country should be cleaned before use.

Blended Care: Machine wash cold. Hang dry. If not possible, tumble dry with no heat (Air Only). Each material, like Acrylic, Polyester and cotton shrink at different temperatures causing uneven shrinkage if heat is used..

Blankets Made In Mexican - This is the most common blanket used in yoga. Today all Mexican blankets use a blend of recycled materials, the recycled material is clothing that was donated clothing and is considered used recycled materials. Mexican blankets quality has become an issue with size, weight and quality consistency over the past few years opening the door to India and China made blankets.

Blankets Made In India ? India made yoga blankets are becoming the most popular, their weight, size and quality are consistent, not to mention more vibrant color selection. Blankets are available in a wide range of materials from cotton, wool and blended recycled materials. Because India produces so much new clothing, all materials used to produce yoga blankets are considered new recycled.


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