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How To Choose A Yoga Bolster


Love your Kakaos Yoga Bolster
Every practice can be enhanced by the correct yoga bolster.
Whether your goal is to, bring certain poses within reach, adapt your practice to physical limitations, or simply relax and get a good stretch, there is a bolster for you.
When shopping for a yoga bolster, the most important thing to think about is how you'll be using it. What style yoga use practice and what your yoga teacher or instructor prefers you to use.
This guide will help you find the perfect bolster for your practice.

TheYogaWarehouse Rectangular Yoga BolsterRectangular Yoga Bolster
24” x 11” x 6”
The Rectangular yoga bolster is the most versatile bolster available, with its wide flat surface the Rectangular Yoga Bolster is highly stable. The rectangular bolster is perfect for Restorative Yoga, placed on it edge, it give you the height of a round yoga bolster, placed flat, gives you the perfect bolster for breathing exercises, it allows for a deeper forward bend or a more gentle chest opening.

Shop Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

TheYogaWarehouse Roundl Yoga BolsterRound Yoga Bolster
26” x 10” to 28" x 12"
The round yoga bolster is the largest bolster available and has been used in restorative yoga for many years. At 10” to 12" high, the round yoga bolster is ideal for placing under the knees to lengthen and release the lower back, it will provide more support in forward bends and a deeper chest opening than the Rectangular Yoga Bolster.

Shop Round Yoga Bolsters

TheYogaWarehouse Pranayama Yoga BolsterPranayama Yoga Bolster
25” x 5” x 3”
The Pranayama yoga bolster was designed to facilitate deeper breathing. The longer length supports the entire spine, from the low back to the head. The narrow width and slight lift allow the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity.
The Pranayama Yoga Bolster’s versatility extends beyond breathing exercises. The Pranayama yoga bolster is also perfect for any pose where you need a little extra height and support and the round or rectangular is to large.

Shop Pranayama Yoga Bolsters

TheYogaWarehouse Small Rectangular Yoga BolsterSmall Rectangular Yoga Bolster
22” x 8” x 4”
Small Yoga Bolster has remarkable versatility.
Use it for extra height and support in your asana practice, as a meditation cushion, is also perfect for any pose where you need a little extra height and support when the round or rectangular is to large..

Shop Small Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

TheYogaWarehouse Small Round Yoga BolsterSmall Round Yoga Bolster
22” x 7”
Like the small rectangular, the small round yoga bolster is a small bolster with infinite possibilities.
Its cylindrical shape will contour to the shape of your body, providing firm support for the neck, knees, and lumbar spine. Is also perfect for any pose where you need a little extra height and support when the larger studio round or rectangular is to large.

Shop Small Round Yoga Bolsters

TheYogaWarehouse Mini Rectangular Yoga BolsterMini Rectangular Yoga Bolster
13” x 7” x 3?
Like the small rectangular or small round, the Mini buckwheat filled rectangular bolster yoga bolster is a small bolster with infinite possibilities
Filled with buckwheat hulls the rectangular shape will contour to the shape of your neck or lower back, providing firm support for as needed.

Shop Mini Rectangular Yoga Bolsters


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